Extensive Tank Maintenance Services and More

At Apins Aquarium and Pond Care, we pride ourselves on providing extensive tank and pond maintenance services, as well as a range of other solutions. Explore our end-to-end solutions below, and contact us for more information. 

Aquarium Maintenance

We are able to completely change your aquarium water to ensure that the fish live healthier and longer. We are able to service filters and pumps as well as assess the aquarium water conditions with accurate water testing

Seafood Tank Maintenance

Our highly experienced team is able to immaculately clean your tank, introduce quality salt-water and provide maintenance for filters or pumps.

Aquarium Installation/Setup

Apins are able to provide comprehensive and affordable aquarium installations to the highest quality specifications.
Well maintained aquarium

Aquarium Upgrades/Makeovers

Is your old aquarium looking dull or in need of repairs? We are able to offer affordable makeovers that enhance the practical aspects of your aquarium tanks and improve the appearance.
Aquarium designed as per customer recomendation

Pond Cleaning/Maintenance

Apins provide a number of pond cleaning and maintenance capabilities including draining, repairing and servicing. For more information please see “Pond Cleaning and Maintenance”.

Saltwater Delivery

We are able to assist in saltwater delivery for marine and reef aquariums. Saltwater is pure and free of all damaging toxins.

Pond Equipment Servicing/Installation

We provide sales, installation and servicing options for pond pumps, UV sterilisers and pond biological filters.

Let Apins Nerang clean your pond, aquarium or seafood tank the professional way. Call now 0403 776 187

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